Sunday, June 25, 2017

Anatomy of Abuse #ALetterToHer

The vase he threw
was not to express
his anger or frustration
my dear girl, it was
- Intimidation

the hollow apology
was not to undo the harm
but dear naive girl, it was
- Manipulation

the counting of 
your "inadequacies" 
was not to improve you
but - Humiliation

the keeping you away
the don't go anywhere, stay
was not to protect you
it was subtle Isolation

the threats of harm
to self and/you
to frighten and terrorize,

the loud voice and 
sometimes the silence
the gaze, the body language
to coerce and threaten

Dear blinded in love
remove the tinted glasses
and see it as it were
a cycle of abuse

the silence before 
the eye of the storm
and the honeymoon

over and over
in a vicious gyre
Dear girl
Inhale strength
Spit fire.

Must read a copy of Meena Kandasamy’s new book, When I Hit You because the conspiracy of silence around domestic abuse labeling it as a personal matter,must be broken, because one story is many stories.

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The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario

The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario
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