Thursday, August 10, 2017

To #Sarahah or not to #Sarahah

Get honest feedback from your coworkers and friends

At work

Enhance your areas of strength

Strengthen Areas for Improvement

With Your Friends

Improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement

Let your friends be honest with you 

This is how the new and latest #viral app #Sarahah describes itself. The selling point being "honest feedback" and "anonymity".

Don't be deceived by the exotic ancient Arabic sounding name,Sarahah literally means honesty in Arabic. its not a kind of mysterious middle-eastern garment or gourmet, it is the delight of friendly trolls, stalkers and general sociopaths.

It is an anonymous online messaging service, allows people to send messages anonymously and currently has over 500 million users.

Sarahah was created in Saudi Arabia, so the emphasis on anonymity is understandable but what about the rest of the democratic world with freedom of expression that is so valued, apparently.

Or is it we are finally reaching the culmination of the voyeuristic and exhibitionist tendencies that social media has so fueled in the last few years, but the pretences have seeped so deep that the truth can now only be said in anonymity?

Not only are most of the messages being sought and sent frivolous attention seeking behaviour but a potential happy playground for cyberbullying and trolling.

Global platforms like Google, facebook and twitter have put in so many systems in place to make people submit their true identities and yet the grey area of anonymity and fake profiles has led to so many crimes.

Something like #Sarahah takes us back to the times when computers , IP addresses were difficult to trace and cybercrime was indecipherable.

In the times of polarisation and increasing cyber violence, terrorism, paedophilia, human traaficking sounds like the legendary sword in a monkey's hand to kill the fly sitting in your nose.

If you cannot send honest feedback to anyone without abuse then probably you need to review your conscious and friend lists not find a back door escape or hideout like #Sarahah.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

in a sand clock......

trapped in a sand clock
called love
they filled each other
turn by turn
only one could be full
at one time

the other effortlessly
emptying soul
to measure life

when time died
she took him along
like a corpse in a coffin
and let him go like last breath

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Mosul Soul

Kufic : Google Images

Long before ceasefire
from all ends
this soul
is a worn torn city

Rubble and ruins
of homes
and dreams
heartbeat is sometimes
akin to gunfight

The Mosul walls
and the Kufic love
 Tigris of time
full of  corpses

lonely burials in the snow
in Baramulla
and Kabul
choosing tombstones
by scores

once a soul
becomes its own coffin
only then
 the war is no more.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Healing and healers
dreaming and dreamers

and the in betweens
the could have beens
the never beens

the journeys
of bodies and souls
and the dreams

deep in the
Australian outback
a cave painting
or in a forsaken monastery
like a mummified monk

homes, solaces
and tombs

all transitory
like a bird
on a wire

only the shaking
much after
knows its presence.

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Call of the Wind

She listened
to her heart
and threw
all chains
to the
call of the wind !

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Suns and Lovers

Fathers, husbands
brothers ,cousins
uncles, granddads
sons or grandson

Men are a part of 
every story
of women

'Suns and lovers'
Moons and friends

and yet there is
that clenched fist
any of them
could be a misogynist !

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Lord of the Flies

Image: Google images

Rapes, abuse and deaths
suicides and silences
battered breaths

only numbers
mere statistics
Women - 
nothing to the
Lord of the flies

amidst a thousand
patriarchies !

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Anatomy of Abuse #ALetterToHer

The vase he threw
was not to express
his anger or frustration
my dear girl, it was
- Intimidation

the hollow apology
was not to undo the harm
but dear naive girl, it was
- Manipulation

the counting of 
your "inadequacies" 
was not to improve you
but - Humiliation

the keeping you away
the don't go anywhere, stay
was not to protect you
it was subtle Isolation

the threats of harm
to self and/you
to frighten and terrorize,

the loud voice and 
sometimes the silence
the gaze, the body language
to coerce and threaten

Dear blinded in love
remove the tinted glasses
and see it as it were
a cycle of abuse

the silence before 
the eye of the storm
and the honeymoon

over and over
in a vicious gyre
Dear girl
Inhale strength
Spit fire.

Must read a copy of Meena Kandasamy’s new book, When I Hit You because the conspiracy of silence around domestic abuse labeling it as a personal matter,must be broken, because one story is many stories.

Friday, June 23, 2017

War and Pieces

Image : Google Images

The victor's loot
and the vanquished's shame
the woman in every war
without a name

the destroyed homes
as the shadows of 
kids' tombstones increases

the collateral damages
the unsaid tale of moms
daughters and wives
in war and pieces !

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Of Ice and Men

Image:Google Images

He rubbed her wrong
and you looked away
She body shamed her
and not a word to say

 the sexist jokes
and the street harassment
the discrimination
fear and embarrassment

you remained aloof
and closed your eyes
patriarchal men
as cold as ice.

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Monday, June 19, 2017

Life of Pie

Image : Google Images

If there was ever a pie chart
of things people say to women
that cause grievous hurt

What all do you think 
would figure in there?
Do you think
that they even care?

How sexual violence
uses victim blaming as a tool?
How something as sweet as pie
can turn into a weapon cruel?

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Fault is in Our Stares

Image : Google Images

Is a man defined 
by the length of his pants?
then why the moral police
complains and rants
about the length of her skirt
or the neckline of her shirt?

No one asks for violence
wearing what she wants
isn't a dare

there's nothing wrong
in what girls wear
the fault is
in our stares !

Thursday, June 15, 2017

#ALetterToHer from Agony Auntie

Dear Woman,

Hi! Don’t be annoyed about me not using your name. Your name doesn’t matter, nor do your circumstances or identity. You could be an urban, educated, liberal, independent modern girl, or a not so educated, conservative, traditional rural girl.

He could be your husband, lover, boyfriend, live-in partner, but none of these permutations and combinations alter the anatomy of your emotionally abusive relationship.

Remember the first time he cracked a misogynist joke in your presence and you smiled or maybe even laughed along, after all he was your man, you were expected to stand by whatever he said, believed or laughed at.

Remember the first lump in your throat he caused. It could be about something as trivial as your bra-strap showing or the tea not being just right. You sobbed in the washroom or wept aloud after he was gone and then turned into self-censor for your dresses and recipes (well done)

He loved you, you told yourself over and over again, he meant well, of course good women like you never annoy their men.

Remember how suddenly you the woman of his dreams became someone else- selfish, conniving, clumsy. How every conversation was suddenly flooded with accusations or threats? “If you love me…became the string, and you the puppet.Obviously you are nurturer by birth, aren't you?

Remember how you surrendered slowly to criticism, prying and his overbearing presence in your life. But love is supposed to overwhelm, isn’t it, you must believe.

He was asking for your undivided time and attention. You were his woman and that was such a privilege. Remember when a few times you did meekly voice your discomfort, and he said you were just overreacting. Of course you were too sensitive and sentimental like most women are, or maybe it was ‘that time of the month’; definitely your emotions had become faulty and so inconsequential. You were making a mountain out of a mole-hill; women must have the patience and tolerance like Mother Earth.

Remember the flowers followed by the apologies? He was just following the blue-print of a perfect romance. You must have surely provoked him, otherwise he was a good man, the man you so loved. He never hit you, only said a few rude words now and then, or just denied conversations and sex.

Remember how your priorities changed? But then that is what women are supposed to do, right? He should always come first, even before you for you; you did learn a new way of love, erasing yourself.

You liked what he liked, disliked what he disliked and yet you couldn’t make him happy. Didn’t anyone tell you, boys will be boys? Why couldn’t you just let him be and continue loving him unconditionally?

Dear Woman, women must not have too much self-respect dear, or it becomes ego, there is one valid ego in this world the male one.

Now though I and any sane woman would advise you against it, here I give you an excerpt from my personal feminist manifesto, but follow it at your own risk, your love is at the stake.

·   Learn more about intimate partner violence. (You know it is fashionable to talk about cycle of violence.)

·  If you suspect that another woman around you is being abused, show concern, listen, show her my letter. (But how can one powerless woman help another?)

·  Speak in hushed tones about the abuse and the abusers but never ever interfere, it is their ‘personal matter’. Also why bother when he can most probably get away with it.

·  Show your support but not at the risk your own abusive relationship.

·  Last resort- Call the police. (But beware that involves a lot of shamelessness.)

Last but not the least stay safe and never wash dirty linen in public.

Remain a good Indian girl always like your mother and her mother before her (Watch Mother India once a week) and be a role model for your sisters and daughters.

We must all get married and stay married, at any cost.

Yours truly
Pseudo-feminist agony auntie

Image : Google Images

(Disclaimer: The author recognizes EMOTIONAL ABUSE as a serious act of violence in intimate relationships. The views/opinions expressed are in a sarcastic vein and are meant to highlight the ironical perceptions about abuse in the society we live.If this letter makes your angry, it has succeeded in its purpose.)

Must read a copy of Meena Kandasamy’s new book, When I Hit You because the conspiracy of silence around domestic abuse labeling it as a personal matter,must be broken, because one story is many stories.

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