Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Not just Blood, Not just Red #PeriodPride

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The red blood that flows
From every womb
Month after month
Is the same
That runs in the veins
Of every new born

Yet it is the colour of
a dark lonely night
Secluded in a cow shed
For a young helpless girl
who alone endures the pain
and is labelled unclean

It’s the pale colour
of constant uneasiness
for a young school girl
the fear of a red stain
that killed her smile
and her young spirit

It’s polythene black
for a young college girl
who is ashamed
as she buys napkins
or discards them
hidden as dirty secrets

It’s the colour of sin
for a newly wed
who had no words
to tell her husband
that on certain dates
her body is different as
she is menstruating

It’s the reddish purple of
a daughter-in-law’s bruises
who was beaten
as she committed the
unpardonable sin of
letting her shadow fall on
a gallipot of pickles

It’s dark maroon of
thick painful clots
for a wife/mother who could
never tell her family
how much the fibroids hurt
month after month

It’s the muddy brown
of confused emotions
for a daughter/sister
who is told she cannot
speak about “it”
to her father/brothers

the blood is just red
but hopefully some day
“it” will shed all
Shades of shame and be
the colour of rainbow
of fearless femininity.

“This blogathon is supported by the Maya App, used by 6.5 million women worldwide to take charge of their periods and health.” #PeriodPride

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The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario
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