Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DO-IT-YOURSELF #AtoZChallenge #LifeLessons

If I let you take my load
and walk my journey
on my road
the lesson will be yours
not mine
the glory well-earned by you
not me
so while you have my back
let me take the slack
and be life-worthy !
In most of colonised countries the notion of self-service or do it yourself is comparatively new and there is still lot of emphasis put on how many people assist you.
Our family structures and social system also does not encourage independence but thrives on parents wanting to keep their children more so boys dependent if not financially at least emotionally.
One of the most profound lessons I have received as a single child and a girl from my father is DO-IT-YOURSELF, whether it is something as ordinary as managing my finances, bank operations, travel or larger decision making in life ,he always insisted that he would guide me but I will have to fight my own battles.
The advantages of slogging it out first hand is first hand lessons from people, experiences and life. Whether it is odd jobs around the house, fixing appliances or issues of greater importance like relationship issues or major investment decisions if you decide to be hands on , you will fail, fall sometimes but you will learn to rise on your own every time and that is very empowering.

While its nice to have a support system, mentors, people who care go ahead fight your own battles heads on, you will realise DIY is not a craft skill but a worthy life skill.

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The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario

The Human Bean Cafe, Ontario
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